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Virtual Community Events

Virtual ConversationsThe Department of Arts & Culture’s Public Art Team is hosting a series of online community engagement sessions (called Virtual Conversations) to inform community/stakeholders about upcoming public art projects and gather feedback.

All meetings will be held virtually on the WebEx platform, to comply with COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

Virtual Conversation about the Enrique Barrera Parkway Public Art Project

Virtual Conversation about the Public Art Project for the new District 9 Senior Center 

  • Located in Council District 9
  • Takes place online on November 10, 2020 starting at 5:30 pm.
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  • Virtual Conversation about the World Heritage Trail Signage & Wayfinding Public Art Project 

    • Located in Council District 3
    • Takes place online on November 17, 2020 starting at 5:30 pm.
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    • Due to City of San Antonio COVID-19 precautions, the Arts & Culture staff will only be accepting input digitally through direct email to the Public Art Project Manager listed or SASpeak Up online survey responses. At this time, printed documents with comments or questions cannot be accepted. 

    • During the virtual event, community members can submit questions via direct chat to the host for the speaker to respond to, if possible and time allows. If the Arts & Culture staff cannot answer the question during the event, the Public Art Project Manager will follow up with the community member post-event. General comments (that are not in question format) will not receive responses during the event. However, the Public Art Project Manager will review them.

    • The chat in these meeting will be part of public record and open to everyone. We ask that you use the SASpeak Up guiding principals for conversation that is meaningful, transparent, respectful, and inclusive. And that you refrain from using profanity. Learn more at

    • If you cannot attend the virtual meeting, you can find a recording of the meeting in Recorded Meetings. We will keep this posted until the feedback window is closed.

    • These meetings are designed to be video conferences. If you join by using audio only, there may be portions of the meeting with audio outages and information on screen that you will not have access to. For the best experience, we recommend you download the WebEx Meetings application.

    About 48-hours each virtual community meeting is held, we will post a link to the recording of meeting here. 

    Once each project’s survey and community meeting is complete, we will post a final wrap-up report of all community feedback gathered regarding the project.

  • MLK Park Public Art Project (District 2) - Click here for the final report. 
  • "Bloom" at Eisenhower Park (District 8) - Click here for the final report. 
  • The Seeling Channel Public Art Project (District 7) - Click here for the final report.
  • "Bloom" at South Side Lions (District 3) - Click here for the final report

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