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introducing the “Door of Equality” 

The latest gateway sculpture by Sebastian, the "Door of Equality" will join the City of San Antonio’s permanent public art collection in the summer of 2020. “Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad)”, a monumental 30-foot sculpture, is a gift to the City of San Antonio from Fundación Sebastian and Siempre México to commemorate the rich civil and human rights history of San Antonio.

La Puerta Sketch

The “Door of Equality” will be located at the center of the San Pedro roundabout, a block north of San Antonio Central Library, itself an award-winning post-modern architectural building designed by renowned Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta. The sculpture symbolizes the infinite struggle for justice with two 30-foot, royal blue, tightly wound, geometric pillars that stand side by side. The sculpture will be lit from within, marking the first time the artist incorporates light into his work and giving off a perpetual glow that speaks to the fire and energy surrounding the City’s tenacious history. Set as a gateway between downtown and other areas of the City, the sculpture symbolizes that San Antonio’s door is always open.

“This new welcoming landmark stands for the promise of opportunity that shall never cease to remain open in San Antonio,” said Debbie Racca-Sittre, director, Department of Arts & Culture. “The Door of Equality not only represents our City’s commitment to equity and inclusion, but also in ensuring that art is accessible to all.”

The torqued twisted steel columns showcase the grind of the work done by human rights champions in San Antonio. These pillars are equal in strength and beauty representing the vision of equality. Each column is royal blue, with the first representing peace, tranquility and wisdom and the second column standing for loyalty, strength, and trust.

“With the current climate we are living in, one where walls are being proposed, I wanted to create a work that speaks to the importance of keeping doors open and being vigilant about true equality,” said Sebastian. 

To see more of Sebastian's work, check out our latest city-wide exhibit Sebastian in San Antonio: 50+ Years / 20+ Sites / 100+ Works” features more than 100 sculptures and works on display to May 2020.


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Monday, September 28, 2020