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River Walk Art Garden

The San Antonio River Walk has an exciting new cultural destination – The River Walk Public Art Garden. Located near the intersection of Market and Alamo Streets, this outdoor museum showcases permanent and rotating installations for visitors and locals to enjoy. Once complete, the Garden will provide a full public art experience, including free-standing sculptures, wall-mounted art installations and informational displays. It will serve as an introduction and temporary home to some artworks which will later be moved to their permanent locations in every part of San Antonio.

Currently on view:

  • Pieces from the exhibit Sebastián in San Antonio: 50+Years 20+ Locations 100+ Works. The Garden also has a great view of Sebastian's "Torch of Friendship."
  • "Green Spaces at Market Street" by San Antonio artists Ashley Mireles and Cade Bradshaw. They teamed up with STIMSON landscape architects to create this public art installation, which replicate the duo’s wildlife viewing blinds at the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge at Phil Hardberger Park. 
  • Najo Jām (Our Home)” - this new public art also serves as a concrete planter and is inspired by the shape of a peyote cactus. Created by San Antonio artists Carlos Cortés and Doroteo Garza, this piece will be permanently located at Comanche Lookout Park, in City Council District 10. It is part of a pan-Indian narrative, seeking to honor the many indigenous groups that call San Antonio home. 
  • The newest sculptures in the "Bloom" series by San Antonio artist Leticia Huerta, which are designed to resemble native wildflowers Yellow Columbine and Lantana. 

The River Walk Public Art Garden is currently in its second phase of development, with the project’s final completion date planned for mid-2022. Looking forward - the public art to be showcased at the garden will range from large-scale artworks  including "Stargazer," which will be made of volcanic rock by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. Another element of the River Walk Public Art Garden will be a section called Labor Plaza, which will pay tribute to the Labor Movement in San Antonio and is expected to be completed in early 2022. 

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Friday, April 23, 2021