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Q: Does PASA have an artist registry where artists can apply?
A: Yes. The City started the Public Art Pre-Qualified List in 2013. The Pre-Qualified List provides an annual opportunity for artists to submit their qualifications to be considered by a selection panel for potential public art projects that are implemented on an ongoing basis. Check under opportunities for active calls for this roster, as well as links to online applications for other public art opportunities.

Q: What is the process to review and select artists to be added to the Public Art Pre-Qualified List?
A: An artist selection panel comprised of art professionals and community representatives will review and score each eligible applicant in accordance with evaluation criteria that is determined by the panel in advance. The criteria established in 2013 included: a) level of public art experience, b) artistic merit, c) conceptual ability and d) design/construction proficiency. Each criterion is evenly weighted, representing one quarter of the combined total score. Once all panelists’ scores are completed, the panelists’ scores are combined and averaged to determine a final score for each applicant. The 2015 panel determined by unanimous agreement that artists who received an average score within the top 30 percentile would be recommended for inclusion to the Public Art Pre-Qualified List.

Q: Does not being approved for the Pre-Qualified List mean that an artist is not qualified to compete for a public art opportunity?
A: No, not at all. The call for artists and review process is very competitive and it is difficult to establish a list out of hundreds of highly qualified applicants. So it’s critical that a selection panel work independently to review and score each artist that applies and that only those who score in the top 30 percent after all scores are averaged together will be added to the pre-qualified list.

Q: For artists not chosen for the Pre-Qualified List, what other opportunities will they have to be considered for a City of San Antonio public art project?
A: A call for artists is issued annually for applicants to submit qualifications to be added to the Public Art Pre-Qualified List. Each year a new selection panel is appointed and asked to review the existing qualifications within the pre-qualified list as well new submissions. The intent of the annual call is to continually improve and diversify the pre-qualified list and create opportunities for applicants to be reviewed and selected for projects. Please note that the City may also recruit artists from outside the Public Art Pre-Qualified List for projects as it deems appropriate.

Q: If selected for the Public Art Pre-Qualified List, is there a good chance that an artist will receive a commission with the City within the next two years?
A: Although inclusion in the Public Art Pre-Qualified List does qualify you for a potential commission, applicants are not guaranteed to be selected for a project, as stated in the call for public art qualifications. As project scopes are developed, selection panels will review the qualifications of the applicants in the pre-qualified list and choose the most appropriate applicant for each public art opportunity.

Q: What can an artist do to improve his or her submittals and be considered for addition to the pre-qualified list in the future?
A: We encourage artists to continue to submit and reapply to calls for artists. Each new selection panel brings new perspectives to the review process so the character and makeup of the pre-qualified list is anticipated to change from year to year.

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