2012 - 2017 Bond Projects

The 2012-2017 Bond Program approved by San Antonio voters generated a total of $596 million for capital improvements in five areas. Of that, PASA received 1%, or $5.9 million, allocated among the five propositions as follows: 

Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks: $3,341,000
Drainage and Flood Control: $1,268,000
Parks, Recreation and Open Space: $863,000
Libraries, Museums and Cultural Facilities: $287,000
Public Safety Facilities: $142,000

Public art projects were broken down further into the following six areas, which were determined as valuable and functional ways to integrate public art in capital projects. Public art ordinance criteria guided the planning process. See the PASA Map for examples of integrated projects around the city.

Cultural Corridors.  To help link downtown to the arts and cultural districts, facilities and activities.

East Point Public Art Residency Murals(Nolan Street Location) (Cherry/Burnet Street Location) (Hays Street Location): $50,000
Mission Espada Portal: $100,000
Elmendorf Lake Area: $190,000
Broadway Cultural Corridor: $330,000

Neighborhood Connectivity. To mark destinations and central points of established neighborhoods, cultural and historic places, and shared community space.

District 1 Neighborhood Murals (Fulton/RR Underpass Location) (Blanco/Dresden Location) : $135,000
World Heritage Murals (Presa Location) (Roosevelt Location) (Mission/Steves Location): $330,000
World Walk / D4 Pedestrian Bridge: $100,000
Ballroom Luminoso (Theo/Malone Roads): $100,000

Hausman / Leon Creek: $354,000
Mud Creek/Thousand Oaks: $150,000
Woodlawn Lake Area: $375,000

Iconic Gateways. Large-scale metropolitan artworks that serve as highly visible signifiers and landmarks.
Hemisfair : $1,075,000

Community Parks. To interact with or enhance a park-related function or activity, such as trail heads, seating areas, hiking/biking amenities or interpretive murals and sculptures.

Eastside Parks: $80,000
Pearsall Park: $278,000
Panther Springs Park: $80,000

Facility Signifiers. To help define and communicate a facility's sense of place and/or the services it provides and enhance the character of the community that benefits from these services. Art may be integrated into a facility or artworks may be acquired to fit existing needs.

District 10 Senior Center: $100,000
District 2 Branch Library: $100,000
District 9 Branch Library: $100,000
District 2 Fire Stations: $142,000

Art Conservation. To address the art conservation needs of public buildings and infrastructure undergoing improvements. Such conservation may include replacement or restoration of materials, surfaces and related project needs to restore the functionality of the affected artwork.

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