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Four San Antonio Filmmakers to Receive 2019 City of San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant

Posted 2 years 81 days ago ago by Javier Flores (WHO)


Javier Flores, Department of Arts & Culture


Four San Antonio Filmmakers to Receive 2019 City of San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant

SAN ANTONIO (December 6, 2018) – A woman healing a painful past through self-discovery. A security guard unknowingly guarding something more magnificent than he realizes. An aspiring television faith healer trying to be the best in Texas. And, one of San Antonio's most beloved Fiesta events. These local films and their filmmakers are getting a boost with grant support from the City of San Antonio.

The San Antonio Film Commission, a division of the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture, announces the winners of its San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant to four local filmmakers: Allison Herrera, Nathanial “Than” Niles, Justin Rodriguez, and Dave Sims. The matching grants, each in the amount of $5,000, will assist these directors with the production costs for their projects throughout the rest of 2018 and 2019. The grant is intended to help support and stimulate the growth of the local filmmaking community. 

“As we continue celebrating our city’s Tricentennial, the rest of Texas and the nation have been witness to San Antonio’s history, culture, and all that makes us a unique, world-class destination. And, filmmaking in our city has been a significant part of that storytelling,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “I congratulate these four San Antonio filmmakers on their accomplishments and thank them for sharing their talents and showcasing our city. We look forward to seeing their films onscreen very soon.”

The Local Filmmaker Grant is a competitive grant awarded through an application process. The program supports local filmmakers who have at least $5,000 in funding commitments in place for all genres of film and video except industrial, promotional pieces, music videos and “works-for-hire.” 

"The San Antonio Film Commission has been a life saver to our movie ‘Damsel’ with support going far beyond the Local Filmmaker Grant. The Film Commission has served as a partner on our film after the grant was received and is assisting us discover opportunities to further showcase our story and the mostly native San Antonio cast and crew who worked on the movie,” said Scott Langford, recipient of the 2018 Local Filmmaker Grant. “Making movies is a strategic collaboration between a carefully selected team of professionals working together for a single goal, and the San Antonio Film Commission has been one of our best, most impactful collaborators yet. The local film community is trending towards the positive and the efforts of the San Antonio Film Commission are largely responsible for this recent progression."

The winning filmmakers and their projects represent diverse topics and genres of film, showcasing the depth of talent and capabilities in the San Antonio film community. The Local Filmmaker Grant projects include:

Allison Herrera, “Child Fears” – Herrera is an independent filmmaker who began writing short scripts while working the night shift as a registered nurse at the San Antonio State Hospital. With a degree in psychology, she has been intrigued by the conscious interiors of complex people. She grew up on the Southside of San Antonio as a closeted lesbian in the 1980’s, which proved to be critical to her writing and filmmaking. Her film, “Child Fears,” is an indie drama that follows a 30-something Latina lesbian who has a history of sexual abuse. Although, she is in a loving relationship with a grounded and loving partner, only the main character herself can heal through her own self-discovery.

Nathanial “Than” Niles, “Luminous” – Niles is an award-winning San Antonio-based film and video producer, who has worked around the world. “Luminous” is a science fiction poem about a man's struggle with the physical world that may cause him to miss the bigger picture. The film is a visual story about a security guard in a next generation laboratory trying to keep his world (his desk) from falling apart as he battles with a pesky flickering light. Little does he know, that what he is guarding is a light source so magnificent, it defies what we see as possible.

Justin A. Rodriguez, “Glossolalia” – Born and raised in San Antonio, Rodriguez produces and directs films to provide a window of raw realities. His first film, “Lush” has been selected for various independent film festivals in Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, Texas. His second film, “Glossolalia” is a dark drama about an aspiring television faith healer who will do anything to be the best in Texas.

Dave Sims, “Cornyation” – Sims is an award-winning, British-born director who has been making films since age 11. The now San Antonio-based filmmaker has shot and edited four feature films, dozens of short films, and more than 50 commercials airing nationally and internationally. “Cornyation” is a feature-length documentary chronicling Cornyation 2018 and the reign of King Anchovy, Charlie Biedenharn. This documentary builds on his film “Cornyation, the Short Film” (2017), and celebrates the history, the community, and the artistry of this uniquely San Antonio Fiesta event.


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