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Tricentennial Gift from México City and Renowned Mexican Sculptor Touches Down in San Antonio to Celebrate Arts During Commemorative Week

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Ruben McCoy, Department of Arts & Culture 
Laura Mayes, San Antonio Tricentennial 


Tricentennial Gift from México City and Renowned Mexican Sculptor Touches Down in San Antonio to Celebrate Arts During Commemorative Week


SAN ANTONIO (May 4, 2018) – The Tricentennial’s Arts for All Day kicked off with a dedication ceremony for a new public art piece in Hemisfair, located near the base of the Tower of the Americas.  The new bronze sculpture, Alas de México (Wings of Mexico), was created by renowned Mexican artist Jorge Marín, and is a gift from the Government of Mexico City and the artist in celebration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial. The dedication event was held today at the Mexican Cultural Institute to commemorate the bonds both cities share.

“Wings are an international symbol for freedom and liberty, and Alas de México is an impressive Tricentennial gift from Mexico City and from master sculptor, Jorge Marín. We are very thankful.  This sculpture is a wonderful addition to San Antonio’s public art collection, and an excellent example of art interacting with visitors. Everyone in our city can enjoy these wings, and they will inspire us and carry us into our future,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. 

The City of San Antonio enjoys productive Sister City relationships with eleven cities worldwide, including two cities in Mexico – Monterrey and Guadalajara. With its Sister City agreement with Monterrey established in 1953, San Antonio became the first U.S. city to have a Sister City relationship with Mexico. The relationship has brought many exchanges including those in arts, education, culture, economic and business development, and other fields.

“San Antonio and Mexico City are cities with a common history - and cities separated by history. They are cities united by people and, a pair of wings which will now symbolize this future of unity and fraternal friendship, with which both peoples dream together;  which we wish to see fly and by which we express our hopes and enthusiasm,” said Claudio Ruz, Mexico City’s Director of Protocol and Diplomacy. “May this gift by Mexico City find its place in the hearts of San Antonio, and its presence serve as a perennial reminder of a common future for both cities.” 

Marín’s Wings of the City series was showcased at the San Antonio Botanical Garden from September 2015 through February 2016 as part of a tour organized by the Mexican Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One of the sculptures exhibited was an earlier casting of Alas de México and was one of the most popular pieces of the tour. Mexico City has made similar presentations of Alas de México in other cities to commemorate official relationships, including Los Angeles, Montreal, Quebec, and Singapore.  

“These wings are a gift to San Antonio for its 300 years of history and life. They are meant to embrace its inhabitants and provide enjoyment; so that all may use them to celebrate their triumphs, to take flight towards their limitless dreams and to reflect on our capacity as human beings when it comes to what we can all achieve,” Marin said. “Happy 300 to San Antonio - ‘mestizo’ city - that embodies no limits of language or origin. Whether we speak English or Spanish, we are part of a world nourished by dreams,” 

The new piece invites viewers to become part of the artwork by standing on a raised pedestal between two large bronze wings and posing for a photo with the Tower of the Americas and the Henry B. González Convention Center in the background. It also encourages viewers to pause and reflect on the relationship between San Antonio and Mexico.  

“For generations, San Antonio has valued and celebrated its historic and artistic ties with Mexico in many different ways. This sculpture by Jorge Marin is a symbol of our connection to Mexico, but more importantly, a reminder of the role the arts play in bridging cultures and generations,” said Debbie Racca-Sittre, Director, City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture.

In honor of the dedication event and to celebrate the shared history, culture and traditions between San Antonio and Mexico, Elena Catalan, a representative from Jorge Marín’s Studio, conducted a children’s workshop promoting creativity, initiative and artistic motivation for approximately 15 children from a local elementary school. 

"Many ties bring together Mexico and San Antonio in the present day - geography, history, culture, our dynamic economic exchanges. But, most importantly - our people and the shared future of our communities.  I cannot think of a better symbol of our 300 years of friendship than the Alas de México,” said Ambassador Reyna Torres, Consul General of Mexico. “This beautiful work of art will be a permanent reminder of the appreciation we have for each other, the solidarity demonstrated during hard times, and the enthusiasm for what we can achieve in the future.” 

The San Antonio Tricentennial’s Arts for All Day is presented by Bank of America, Landry’s and Zachry.


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