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San Antonio Film Commission Announces Winners of San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant

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San Antonio Film Commission Announces Winners of San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant

SAN ANTONIO (February 26, 2018) – The San Antonio Film Commission, a division of the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture, awarded its San Antonio Local Filmmaker Grant to five filmmakers: Scott Langford, Rogelio Salinas, Wilfred H. Shipley, Natasha Straley, and Mark A. Zuniga. The matching grants, each in the amount of $5,000, will assist these San Antonio directors with costs for their 2018 projects, from production to distribution.

“Congratulations to these five filmmakers on their impressive accomplishments,” said San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “The City of San Antonio is dedicated to continuing to foster and support our city’s wealth of film talent with programs like the Local Filmmaker Grant and to ultimately showcase this talent beyond our city limits.”

The Local Filmmaker Grant is a competitive grant awarded through an application process. The program supports local filmmakers who have at least $5,000 in funding commitments in place for all genres of film and video except industrial, promotional pieces, music videos and “works-for-hire.” The grant is intended to help support and stimulate the growth of the local filmmaking community. 

“These productions are not only a beautiful mélange that represents the abilities of the San Antonio filmmaking community, but they also highlight the unique and diverse locations that San Antonio offers to the screen,” said Dagoberto Patlan, San Antonio Arts Commission District 1 Representative and Chair of its Film Committee. “These projects provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase how film-friendly San Antonio is through its experienced cast and crew, locations, resources, and one-stop-shop Film Commission to the film industry at large.”

The winning filmmakers and their projects represent diverse topics and genres of film and have all received multiple awards for their previous works. The Local Filmmaker Grant projects include:

“Consummation” – A short narrative drama directed by Natasha Straley that focuses on parallel struggles between two people as they move into a gray area between right and wrong. The project will feature local locations including public parks and museums. Before stepping behind the camera, Straley began her career as an actress and has since worked on various film productions sifting through every department until moving forward with her directing role. 

“Cuerpo” – A Gothic horror story directed by Mark A. Zuniga that takes place in 19th century Mexico. “Cuerpo” is a film that explores the clashes between the Indigenous people and the domineering Spaniards and revolves around themes of guilt, sins of the father, and how a community is affected by the violence of death. Zuniga’s more than 20 years of film experience, including his BFA in Film and Animation Production from Rochester Institute of Technology, has taken him all over the world and leads up to his multi-purpose role as the film’s director, writer, sound designer, and editor.

“Damsel” – A  dark comedy set in a medieval world of magic, castles and epic quests, this short film directed by Scott Langford explores what would happen when “happily ever after” goes horribly wrong between two people who couldn’t be more incompatible. Born and raised in San Antonio, Langford moved back after graduating from Texas State University and working with the Austin Film Festival, Richard Linklater's production company, and various independent film crews.

“The Good Wolf” – Directed by Will Shipley, “The Good Wolf” is a coming-of-age story that takes place in Texas in the early 1990’s. This feature-length drama focuses on a young boy, a fugitive he finds hiding in the woods in a fort which the boy built, and the friendship they build over the course of a summer. Shipley, owner and founder of 1308 Films, also serves as the film’s writer, cinematographer and co-producer. 

“Waiting for the Storm” – In this feature film directed by Rogelio Salinas, a family’s peaceful evening takes a horrifying turn when three masked men break into their home and take them hostage. When the family offers the intruders to take anything they want, one of them reveals the true reason their house was chosen. As the producer, director, director of photography, editor and sound mixer, “Waiting for the Storm” is Salinas’ first feature film following a successful run of award-winning short films and music videos.

The San Antonio Film Commission is a go-to resource for filmmakers. As a full-service agency that promotes the art and craft of moviemaking in San Antonio, the film commission provides an array of services available to filmmakers including: location scouting, liaison services, permitting, crew and casting calls, and more. For more information about the San Antonio Film Commission, visit 



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