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Stories of Life along San Antonio’s Historic Missions are Showcased in New Exhibit by Local Artists

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Javier Flores, Department of Arts and Culture


Stories of Life along San Antonio’s Historic Missions are Showcased in New Exhibit by Local Artists


SAN ANTONIO (Sept. 12, 2017) – The spirit of the San Antonio Missions lives not just within the mission walls, but in the people who are part of the missions’ history. As San Antonio celebrates the second anniversary of the inscription of the San Antonio Missions onto the UNESCO World Heritage list, a new exhibit showcases these stories about life along the historic missions, interpreted by San Antonio artists through drawings, paintings, printmaking and photography. 

“Entre La Sombra: Life Along the Missions,” is on display now through Nov. 24, 2017 at Culture Commons Gallery, 115 Plaza de Armas, and is presented by the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture, World Heritage Office, and Office of Historic Preservation. This exhibit, free and open to the public, is designed to connect viewers to these personal stories and help them better understand the cultural history of the San Antonio Missions and their importance to all San Antonians.
“Our beloved missions stand as a constant reminder of our city’s unique cultural history and legacy,” District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca J. Viagran said. “This exhibit brings to life, through the work of talented San Antonio artists, the personal stories of those whose lives were shaped by life inside and near the missions’ walls.” 

As part of an initiative to document and preserve San Antonio’s heritage, the Office of Historic Preservation conducted a series of interviews with long-standing residents of the mission’s neighborhoods. These recorded conversations tell the city’s cultural legacy and the intangible heritage that led to the UNESCO World Heritage inscription. A selection of these stories, along with maps, photos and historical data, have been interpreted by 13 San Antonio artists for this exhibit, which was designed and curated by Rigoberto Luna. 

“Through art and storytelling, this exhibit helps the viewer see him or herself in the history of the missions, and gives a glimpse into how the city and its people grew together,” Luna said. “To have these beautiful structures, with their historical significance still available to us in our own backyards, is something all San Antonians should be proud of.” 

Participating artists include: Fernando Andrade, David Blancas, Joe De La Cruz, Jenelle Esparza, Dan Guerrero, Patricia Guerrero, Jacinto Guevara, Joe Lopez, Christopher Montoya, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ed Saavedra, Jose Sotelo, and Allison Valdivia.

“Entre La Sombra: Life Along the Missions,” is on view Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and is free and open to the public. More information is available at 



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