The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture offers grant programs to support arts and cultural organizations and individual artists in their mission to deliver authentic, excellent and innovative programming that engage a wide variety of audiences in San Antonio’s arts offerings. Programs range from multi-year grants to annual grants. 

Performing arts grants

A result of the Performing Arts Strategic Plan, these annual programs work to support the Performing Arts community by providing assistance for back-of-house fees and facility improvements. 

To be eligible, applicants must meet criteria including, but not limited to:
1. Already have a Performing Arts event planned;
2. The event must be accessible and open to the public;
3. The event must be held within the City limits of San Antonio, and;
4. At least 70 percent of the artistic performers must be Bexar County residents.

E-mail all questions regarding these grants to:

Production Costs Grant 

Available to nonprofit Performing Arts Producing Organizations and individual professional performing artists, this grant provides support for equipment rental, security costs and back-of-house labor fees at union labor rates for productions already scheduled between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

Performing Arts Venue Facility Improvement Grant 

Available to nonprofit Performing Arts Producing Organizations that receive operational grants from the Department of Arts & Culture and that own or hold a long-term lease (minimum of 5 years) of their venue or have a lease of a city-owned facility. The goal of this grant is to increase access to Performing Arts programming for residents and visitors by providing funding of up to $10,000 for the purchase of equipment or improvements for a Performing Arts Facility. 

Cultural districts grant

These annual grants of up to $2,500 are available to San Antonio non-profit arts organizations located within existing or proposed Texas Commission on the Arts Cultural Districts (TCA) to help support development of applications for TCA's Cultural Districts Program or Project Grants.

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Fall, 2020.


These multi-year grants are awarded to qualifying nonprofit arts and cultural organizations based in San Antonio that meet the Arts Agency Funding Guidelines. These guidelines were created through the Department’s Cul-Tú-Art Plan, derived from feedback received from City Council, Artists, Arts Agencies, Arts Patrons, Residents and Visitors. These grants are aimed to support a diverse portfolio of art organizations working across the City of San Antonio in the production of ongoing, sustainable, high quality artistic activities.

Festivals and Community Celebrations 

Dedicated to furthering the presentation, production and preservation of arts and cultural programs that are unique to the San Antonio experience. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Base Operational Support 

Focused on strengthening our City by providing a base of financial operational support for non-profit arts organizations operations. These critical investments play a pivotal role in enabling our arts and cultural institutions to provide artistic excellence that are accessible to our entire community. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED.  Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Culturally Specific Support 

Available to nonprofit arts organizations whose mission is to preserve, or promote and enhance the identity and character of cultural communities of women or specific women and racial minorities: y culturesAfrican-Americans, Hispanic–Americans, Asian-Americans, or Native Americans. These critical investments are focused on creating greater cultural equity. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.


Applications Now Closed. 

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