The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture offers grant programs to support arts and cultural organizations and individual artists in their mission to deliver authentic, excellent and innovative programming that engage a wide variety of audiences in San Antonio’s arts offerings. Programs range from multi-year grants to annual grants. 


San Antonio City Council authorized $2.6M in federal Coronavirus Relief Funds for San Antonio based nonprofit arts businesses and individual artists who suffered business interruption caused by required closures during the period of 3/13/20 - 12/30/20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department of Arts & Culture made the following grants available in accordance the SA CARES 4 Art Program – 

Applications for these grants are currently under review. Grants will be awarded by September 30, 2020.


These multi-year grants are awarded to qualifying nonprofit arts and cultural organizations based in San Antonio that meet the Arts Agency Funding Guidelines. These guidelines were created through the Department’s Cul-Tú-Art Plan, derived from feedback received from City Council, Artists, Arts Agencies, Arts Patrons, Residents and Visitors. These grants are aimed to support a diverse portfolio of art organizations working across the City of San Antonio in the production of ongoing, sustainable, high quality artistic activities.

Grant Management Information

For the following core grants: Artist ReGranting, Base Operational/Culturally Specific, and Festivals, the Portal will be used to begin the FY21 contract renewal process. All required documents must be submitted in the GoSmart Portal. Portal opens 9/8/20 and submissions are due 10/10/20.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your Organizational Profile is updated prior to starting your FY21 contract renewal process. Once you have started your FY21 contract renewal process, any updates to your Organizational Profile will not be brought into the FY21 renewal application and your old info will be used. 

For more information on GoSmart, please visit

Festivals and Community Celebrations 

Dedicated to furthering the presentation, production and preservation of arts and cultural programs that are unique to the San Antonio experience. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Base Operational Support 

Focused on strengthening our City by providing a base of financial operational support for non-profit arts organizations operations. These critical investments play a pivotal role in enabling our arts and cultural institutions to provide artistic excellence that are accessible to our entire community. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED.  Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Culturally Specific Support 

Available to nonprofit arts organizations whose mission is to preserve, or promote and enhance the identity and character of cultural communities of women or specific women and racial minorities: y culturesAfrican-Americans, Hispanic–Americans, Asian-Americans, or Native Americans. These critical investments are focused on creating greater cultural equity. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.


As part of the City of San Antonio's Arts Funding Guidelines, delegate arts agencies must use SMU DataArts Cultural Profile (CP) to report key organizational metrics. By using DataArts CP, nonprofit arts organizations can better build sustainable business models and increase access to additional funding opportunities. Organizations can login to the CP here:

On August 13, 2020, the department held the below training on the technology and its capabilities. You may also be interested in this Q&A document that details answers to questions asked during the training.

Cultural districts grant

This grant is now closed. If you are a San Antonio non-profit arts organization interested in applying for a proposed Texas Commission on the Arts Cultural Districts (TCA), check out our Cultural Districts Toolkit, which provides additional assistance to non-profit arts organizations with their TCA Cultural District or Project Grants application.



The Department of Arts & Culture administers its grants through the Portal. If you need technical assistance with GoSmart, go to Or simply click here for applicant tutorials and videos.


FY21 Contract Workshop Videos

Artistic Activity Reporting Tool: Click here to download the Artistic Activity Reporting Tool, which you will upload in the Portal.

Free online tools to condense electronic files for submission into Portal: 

Contract Templates: The following templates will be used to develop the FY21 arts funding contracts:

Leadership Training is offered through Training is contractually required for agencies that receive Operational or Culturally Specific Grants. All classes are required to be completed by April 10, 2021 and transcripts need to be uploaded into the GoSmart Portal for the following: Executive Director / CEO, Deputy Director, Artistic Director, Chief Financial Officer, Board Executive Committee (Board Chair, Officers and Committee Chairs). The following classes: Board Roles & Responsibilities, Financial Info & Your Board, Introduction to Unconscious Bias (entire curriculum), Addressing Your Unconscious Bias, Support an Inclusive Culture, Why Diversity Matters for Non-Profits, The Non-Profit Board Curriculum and Fundamentals of Non-Profit Budgeting. 


If you have any additional questions regarding our Grant Programs or GoSmart, please contact us at

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