The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture offers grant programs to support arts and cultural organizations and individual artists in their mission to deliver authentic, excellent and innovative programming that engage a wide variety of audiences in San Antonio’s arts offerings. Programs range from multi-year grants to annual grants. 

Corona Arts Relief Program

Luminaria Artist Foundation and the City of San Antonio's Department of Arts & Culture announce the Corona Arts Relief program, which has been sourced to provide technical and professional development support for individual artists during the national CORONA/COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that with social distancing requirements, many in the arts industry have lost revenue due to cancellations. We also know that artists are always eager to create and learn. This program offers support for lost revenue or for the opportunity to engage in professional development.

This program has already received an overwhelming response from artists applying for support. In order to match applicants with sufficient resources, Luminaria Artist Foundation paused the program on Friday, April 3rd.  The goal is to restart the program with additional funding and we will provide updates when available.


Cultural districts grant

This grant is now closed. If you are a San Antonio non-profit arts organization interested in applying for a proposed Texas Commission on the Arts Cultural Districts (TCA), check out our Cultural Districts Toolkit, which provides additional assistance to non-profit arts organizations with their TCA Cultural District or Project Grants application.



These multi-year grants are awarded to qualifying nonprofit arts and cultural organizations based in San Antonio that meet the Arts Agency Funding Guidelines. These guidelines were created through the Department’s Cul-Tú-Art Plan, derived from feedback received from City Council, Artists, Arts Agencies, Arts Patrons, Residents and Visitors. These grants are aimed to support a diverse portfolio of art organizations working across the City of San Antonio in the production of ongoing, sustainable, high quality artistic activities.

Festivals and Community Celebrations 

Dedicated to furthering the presentation, production and preservation of arts and cultural programs that are unique to the San Antonio experience. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Base Operational Support 

Focused on strengthening our City by providing a base of financial operational support for non-profit arts organizations operations. These critical investments play a pivotal role in enabling our arts and cultural institutions to provide artistic excellence that are accessible to our entire community. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED.  Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Culturally Specific Support 

Available to nonprofit arts organizations whose mission is to preserve, or promote and enhance the identity and character of cultural communities of women or specific women and racial minorities: y culturesAfrican-Americans, Hispanic–Americans, Asian-Americans, or Native Americans. These critical investments are focused on creating greater cultural equity. 

  • Application deadline: NOW CLOSED. Next Application will open Spring, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Production Costs Grant 

Question: This page says “Complete the application by clicking START below.” for the Production Costs and Venue Facility Improvement grants, but there is no START link there. Can you let me know when those links will be going live?
Answer: You should see the information below on that screen. Hover over the “START Intent to Apply” underneath / to the right of the February 12th date and you’ll see that it will appear as a link – click on that.

Question: Is there a cap on the amount of a Production Costs Grant?
Answer: There is no cap on the dollar amount to apply for.  An applicant may receive some, all or none of what dollar amount they have applied for. 

Question: Is a Production Costs Grant limited to one production or could we, for instance, apply for a grant to support a season’s worth of productions?
Answer: You may apply for multiple events in one season. An applicant may receive some, all or none of the events applied for.

Question: The link to Contracts Disclosure Form says that I don't have the most up to date version of Adobe Reader, and so I can't view the form. But I made sure I was updated, and it still says the same. Is there another link I can try, or can you send me the necessary form directly?
Answer: Fill out a Hard Copy Contracts Disclosure Form by hand, that is also uploaded in the system as a PDF.

Question: In reviewing the criteria it states that the performance needs to be scheduled between 10/1/2020 – 9/30/2021. How set in stone is this?
Answer: Production Costs Grants are available for events that are already scheduled between 10/1/2020 through 9/30/2021. Dates that are either before or after that term will not qualify for this grant cycle.

Question: We have submitted our Intent to Apply. What happens next? Will applicants be notified of how to submit the full application by the April 3 deadline?
Answer: We will review your Intent to Apply, and if all required information and materials are submitted, we will notify you that you may proceed to open the Grant Application at At that time, you will see the “START” button / link appear under the grant program you applied for when you navigate to the “Current Programs & Applications” tab. 

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