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The Department of Arts & Culture advocates for the growth of the local creative industry by increasing awareness of the impact and value of arts and culture to the city. It fosters San Antonio’s creative community by supporting local arts organizations and individual artists.

Since June 2015, the department has managed and curated exhibits in the Culture Commons Gallery at Plaza de Armas. The goal of the gallery is to celebrate and showcase San Antonio-based artists who exhibit professional work for the benefit of San Antonio residents and visitors.

Beginning September 2016, the Department of Arts & Culture will temporarily manage exhibits within the Centro de Artes Gallery at Historic Market Square. This space is dedicated to telling the story of the Latino experience, with a focus on San Antonio and South Texas, through local and regional art, history and culture, and showcasing San Antonio-based Latino artists and Latino-themed artworks.

Since 2000, Public Art San Antonio, a division of the Department of Arts & Culture, has coordinated temporary exhibits of portable artwork created by local artists and displayed at City facilities.

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