Windows to Our Heritage: Roosevelt Avenue

"Windows to Our Heritage" by San Antonio artist team Oscar Alvarado and David Blancas is an underpass mural series. The series features unique mosaic patterns and vignettes of significant people and places from the surrounding neighborhood. Each column is captioned with information about the community, history, and values depicted. The images range from indigenous tribes and clans, to Spanish colonialism and the Missions, ending with more recent histories. The people and places are familiar showcasing the unique history and heritage of the area. The artwork spans several sites: Steves Avenue, Mission Road, Roosevelt Avenue, and South Presa Street- with each location featuring a different color palette and unique imagery. George Cisneros of URBAN-15 helped to research and gather input from the community for this project. The project aims to improve the pedestrian experience of uninviting infrastructure, transforming the columns into an inspiring public art gallery."Windows to Our Heritage" is part of a series of murals for the World Heritage Mural Trail. This series is located in San Antonio's World Heritage Corridor and is a collaboration with the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture and the World Heritage Office.  

 "Windows to Our Heritage" is a series of underpass columns featuring mosaic patterns and vignettes of significant people and places from the surrounding areas.   The artwork spans several locations with each location featuring a unique color palette and set of imagery.   The imagery showcases history and heritage. This column feature Theodore Roosevelt who served as both vice president and present. He was also part of the "Rough Riders" in San Antonio.   The people and places are familiar and significant. This column features Emma Tenayuca a Mexican American labor organizer best known for her role in the Pecan-Shellers' Strike in 1938.