Prairie Grass

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"Prairie Grass" by Massachusetts based artists Beth Galston and Bartek Konieczny takes inspiration from the Texas prairie grasses that have slender stems and sway gently in the wind. They have a mystery, evoking energy and motion. The design feels 'natural,'  with stalks of varying heights arranged in asymmetric clusters, as if you are walking in a section of wild prairie. The gentle movement of the sculptural elements in the wind further contributes to making the piece feel organic and lively. The piece forms a harmonious environment that visitors engage with as they enter the building. Light and color are important elements of the piece.  During the day, the shiny stainless steel stalks and glossy golden seed elements interact with changing sunlight.  At night, up lighting creates drama as it glistens off the sculptural elements, and casts shadows into the surrounding space.  The sculpture welcomes visitors to the Northwest Service Center, and provides a dramatic presence visible to people driving by, thus engaging the larger community.

"Prairie Grass" forms a harmonious environment for visitors of the site.  "Prairie Grass" takes inspiration from prairie grasses.