Golden Age

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"Golden Age" by San Antonio artist Anne Wallace is inspired by her memories of prairie grass fires. The artwork responds to restoration of the prairie along with the natural and agricultural history of the site. The wheels appear to float slightly above the grass and are rimmed in a band of gold 'sequins.' These sequins sparkle and shimmer in the sun,and sway in the breeze creating a dynamic effect that evokes the natural phenomenon of wildfires. The prairie ecosystem have been historically shaped by grass fires and the mass migrations of bison, both of which are now missing from the landscape. The piece is constructed out of side roll irrigator parts, the tool used to manage and restore prairie grasslands today.

"Golden Age" responds to the artist's memories of prairie grass fires.  Shimmering golden sequins recall the dangerous flicker of wildfires.  "Golden Age" responds to restoration of prairie grasslands.  "Golden Age" is constructed from a tool used to manage and restore the prairie.