Life Cycle of the Gulf Coast Toad

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"Life Cycle of the Gulf Coast Toad" by San Antonio artist Diana Kersey is a design of 24 ceramic panels integrated into the cement guardrails of the Mulberry Bridge. Each unique insert features designs that portray the life cycle of the Texas gulf coast toad, which is commonly found in Brackenridge Park. The artwork uses four original designs depicting the life cycle of the toad, repeating the same imagery (adult, eggs, tadpole, froglet) on both interior sides of the bridge. The exterior uses a more decorative patterning, using geometric designs that incorporate imagery from the interior, but in a visually repetitive and rhythmic manner. The artwork panels are made from thick slabs of clay, onto which the artwork is carved, sprigged, and stamped. The clay is glazed with translucent blues and greens referring to the riparian of the area.

"Life Cycle of the Gulf Coast Toad" uses a repetitive design of adult toad, froglet, tadpole, and eggs.   Each panel depicts the life cycle of the Texas gulf coast toad.  The panels incorporate decorative geometric designs along with the toad motif.