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FY 2019 Call For Public Art Qualifications - CLOSED

Posted 178 days ago ago by Javier Flores (Arts)


The City of San Antonio is implementing a comprehensive public art program that encompasses ongoing Capital Improvement resources, the new 2017-2022 Bond Program, non-bond public art projects, and special initiatives and will utilize the pre-qualified Public Artist list generated by this call.

The Department of Arts and Culture's Public Art San Antonio division (PASA) will open the FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

WHAT: Open Call seeking qualifications to be submitted for each of these categories; Public Artists and Public Art Support Services.
WHO: San Antonio-area, Regional, National, and International Applicants

WHO: Professional artists working in any media.
WHAT: Create public artworks of various scales, locations and styles for the built environment that enhance public spaces. Pre-qualification will be inclusive of emerging public artists, mid-career public artists, and established public artists.
Public Art Mentorship Course
Cultivating San Antonio-based artists’ participation in the City’s pre-qualified list is critical to the success of public art in San Antonio. 
- PASA will select applicants from the San Antonio area. 
- Course will be led by experienced artists and administrators to advance the applicant’s professional public art development. 
- Artists must attend all mentorship course sessions (dates TBD) and complete an interim assignment.
- This is a one-time opportunity.

WHO: Individuals or firms that provide a combination of creative and technical services that can support the public art collection and delivery.
WHAT: Provide on-call services including, but not limited to, consulting, curating, writing, project management, art history, art handling, art appraising, art restoring and conserving, art installation, art shipping, art fabrication, photo and video documentation, graphic and web-based design and technical design. Collaborate in the creation of art in public places that enhance city projects and initiatives, while cultivating relationships, community engagement, and leveraging resources within the creative non-profit art sector.


The FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications application is hosted online at https://sanantonio.gosmart.org/.  Individual application forms are available for each of the two pre-qualification categories: Public Artists and Public Art Support Services.

The FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications deadline is FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019 AT 4:30 P.M. CST. All applications must be completed and submitted by the deadline and in accordance with all requirements and instructions. 

A selection panel will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating applications resulting from the City’s annual call for public art qualifications. The panel's proposed pre-qualified list will be recommended to the City’s San Antonio Arts Commission for final consideration and ultimately approved by City Council. 

Visit https://sanantonio.gosmart.org/

The Pre-Submittal Workshop will include an overview of the FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications and provide an opportunity for applicants to get additional information and ask questions.

4:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.
San Antonio Central Library (600 Soledad St., 78205)

This is a public art professional development course for artists based in the San Antonio area on how to accomplish a public art commission. Artists will be selected based on the following criteria: 1) residency, 2) originality, 3) technique/innovation, 4) mentorship suitability. Artists must confirm availability to complete the mentorship course sessions and to complete an interim assignment. 

Application Information - Public Artists and Public Art Support Services
Contract Examples - Public Artists and Public Art Support Services
Disclosure Forms - Discretionary and Litigation
2019 Participant Handouts

FY2019 FAQ’s:
Q: How do I apply?
A: Applications will only be accepted at https://sanantonio.gosmart.org/. This online Call for Artists Service is free for artists to upload their portfolios and to complete application forms.
   1. Go to https://sanantonio.gosmart.org/
   2. Click on “Click Here to create a new profile” at the bottom of the screen and follow the on-screen prompts
   3. Once logged in to the GoSmart system, click on “Current Programs & Applications” on the tool bar banner. 
   4. If you are applying for the FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications: Public Artists, page all the way down and click “START” for that section of the application. 
   5. If you are applying for the FY2019 Call for Public Art Qualifications: Public Art Support Services, page all the way down and click “START” for that section of the application.
   6. Submit your application and make sure you see the confirmation screen.

Q:  How long are applicants eligible once placed on the pre-qualified list?
A: Applicants are eligible for a three-year term, and are then eligible to reapply.

Q:  What is the composition of the San Antonio Arts Commission’s Public Art Committee?
A: The Public Art Committee is a 12-member standing committee, consisting of Arts Commissioners. A list of members is available on our website

Q:  How many public artists are on the current pre-qualified list, and is the list available for the public to view?
A: Currently, there are 127 active artists on the pre-qualified roster. The list is available here.

Q: Should artists with limited experience apply to this call?
A: Yes. To better diversify our pre-qualified list and select artists with a wide range of qualifications, applicants are required to identify as either an emerging public artist, mid-career public artist or established public artist. 

Q: Do attached images need to be 1600 x 1600 pixels?
A: No, these are the maximum dimensions for height and width of attached images.

Q: What should be included in the Letter of Interest?
A: The Letter of Interest should be a short summary explaining your interest in working with Public Art San Antonio as a public artist or as a public art support service.

Q: I was on the FY2018 Pre-Qualified list. Should I reapply?
A: YES! ALL previous applicants, whether currently prequalified or not, must reapply this year using the new application system in order to be considered for upcoming commissions.

Q: How do I upload and/or attach work samples?
A: Work samples must be uploaded to your image bank. Click on the “Manage Work Samples” link on the home page and follow the on screen instructions. When filling out your application, you will be asked to attach images from your image bank to your application. Refer to slides 12 and 15 of this presentation or watch this video playlist for additional information. 

Q: I am applying as a part of an artist team, should I create my profile and submit my application as an individual or as an organization?
A: Members of artist teams are encouraged to create their own profiles and to apply individually with work samples that represent their own skillsets. Artist teams should also create a separate profile specific to the team as an organization and then submit a separate application with work samples that demonstrate the team’s combined artwork. If you do not have combined artwork, please provide samples of all team members’ work.

Q: The examples of Public Art Support Services mentioned in the materials for the Annual Call do not list the services I offer. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. In addition to a series of checkboxes, there is also a write-in option for this section of the application. Please provide a brief description of what creative services you can offer that can support public art projects. 

Q: Should I self-identify as an “Emerging” or “Mid-career” public artist? 
A: Please refer to the guidelines listed on slide 5 of this presentation. This decision is ultimately up to you, but please note that these self-identification categories were developed so that applicants of similar experience levels in public art can be evaluated holistically. If you are well-established in another field of art, but are new to public art, we recommend that you identify yourself as an Emerging Public Artist.

City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture (Public Art San Antonio division)

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January 19, 2019

March 1, 2019 (4:30 p.m. CST)

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