National Poetry Month San Antonio (NPMSA)


For almost two decades, The Academy of American Poets has celebrated April as National Poetry Month (NPM) to increase public awareness about the importance of poetry and its essential place in American culture.

As a part of this initiative, in 2009 the City of San Antonio published its own local NPM calendar to provide information about poetry readings, workshops, spoken word and slam competitions, panel discussions, and more activities. The calendar supports the literary arts and serves as a validation of San Antonio’s rich literary culture. Join the effort to connect the poets and the public.


2019 National Poetry Month in San Antonio (PDF - English | Español)

Current Events

Poetry Books

This book list highlights local writers and their published works in 2018 and 2019. To have your poetry book listed in future National Poetry Month calendars, contact Jim La Villa-Havelin.

 - Wendy Barker  Shimmer (chapbook) / Glass Lyre Press (2019) 
 - Jo Reyes-Boitel  Michael + Josephine: A Novel in Verse / Flower Song Press (2019)
 - Reyes Cardenas  Tortured Barrio Songs / Flower Song Press (2019)
 - Carolina Hinojosa Cisneros  Becoming Coztototl / Flower Song Press (2019)
 - Vincent Cooper  Zarzamora / Jade Publishing (2019)
 - Chip Dameron  Mornings with Dobie's Ghost / Wings Press (2018)
 - Cyra Sweet Dumitru  Elder Moon / Finishing Line Press (2019)
 - Toni Heringer Falls  Snow in Summer / Books by The Very Idea  (2018)
 - Lisha Garcia  Rope of Luna / Blue Light Press (2018)
 - Martha K. Grant  Cave Paintings / 2018
 - Steven G. Kellman  American Suite / Finishing Line Press (2018)
 - Naomi Shihab Nye  Voices in the Air: Poems for Listeners / Greenwillow (2018)
 - Octavio Quintanilla  Frontera de los Vivos / De Conatus Editorial  (2019)
 - Sehba Sarwar  Black Wings / Veliz Press (2019)
 - Ire’ne Lara Silva  Cuicalli/House of Song / Saddle Road Press (2019)
 - Linda Simone   The River Will Save Us / Kelsay Books – Aldrich Press (2018)
 - Carmen Tafolla  New and Selected Poems / Texas Poet Laureate Series / TCU Press (2018)
 - Glyn Tiller  Last Days in the Thicket / Allegra 2018
 - Natalia Trevino  Virgin X / Finishing Line Press (2018)
 - Eddie Vega  Chicharra Chorus / Flower Song Press (2019)
 - Edward Vidaurre  I Took My Barrio on a Road Trip / Slough Press (2018)
 - Sarah Webb  Red Riding Hood's Sister / Purple Flag Press (2018)
 - Roberto Bonazzi  The Reluctant Activist / TCU Press (2018)
 - Sandra Cisneros  Puro Amor / Sarabande Press (2018) 
 - Michael Nye  My Heart is Not Blind / Trinity University Press (2019)
 - Mobi Warren  The Bee Maker / Book Baby (2019


 - America’s Emerging Poets 2018 / Z Publishing House (2018)
 - The Enchantment of the Ordinary / Mutabilis Press (2109)
 - The Larger Geometry / Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press (2018)
 - Selena Anthology / Flower Song Press (2019)
 - Southern Poetry Anthology Vol.VIII  Texas /  Texas Review Press (2108)
 - Sowing Seeds of Peace / InSpiritry Publishers (2018)
 - Tell Me What You See – Krier Anthology / Gemini Ink (2019)
 - 30 Poems for the Tricentennial: A Poetic Legacy  (2018)
 - We Will Not Be Silenced / edited by Candice Louise Daquin / Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Local Presses

Aztlan Libre | Dos Gatos | Trinity University Press | Wings Press

Magazines & Other Publication Opportunities

Blue Hole | The Enigmatist | Poetry Corner – SA Express-News | University Literary Magazines | VIA | Poetry on the Move | Voices de la Luna | Young Pegasus

Submit an Event

Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s National Poetry Month (NPM). Since 2014, the City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture has implemented this online self-entry method, in an effort to streamline the process of gathering information about NPM related events taking place throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas, as well as to expand the vitality of the program.

Agencies, organizations, groups, and/or individuals are invited to submit their event(s) below. Last year, more than 10,000 printed calendars were circulated across San Antonio, increasing and enriching NPM outreach to the greater public. For all entries, please include the event title, location, time, date, a brief description, and phone number and/or email of the event organizer/contact person. Events that take place on more than one day must be reentered for each reoccurring date.

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