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PASA introduces REVERIE, the new take on Lunch & Learns.  We kicked off with a round-table discussion with the featured artists from our current exhibit on Creative Place-Keeping: Plaza de Armas.  Reverie will take place monthly in the Culture Commons and will feature thoughtful lectures, presentations and tours.  Keep up to date on the next Reverie on our Culture Commons page. 


Every year PASA seeks applicants to be considered for a pre-qualified list for a two year duration.  The pre-qualified list consists of recommended artists and public art professionals that are eligible for potential opportunities, including the creation of new public artworks, providing services for the City's art inventory, and collaboration with PASA in implementing art in public places. 

The 2016 Call for Public Art Qualifications for Public Artists, Art Inventory Services, and Collaborative Parners closed October 2015 and applications have been evaluated by a selection panel.  The panel recommendations will be presented to the San Antonio Arts Commission in December for their consideration and then final action will be taken to City Council in January 2016 to update the PASA Pre-Qualified List.

The 2016 Call for Public Art Qualification for Portable Artworks Collection remains open. Click here to apply.


Hausman Road: Barbara Grygutis' final design has been approved and will be located along the Leon Creek Bridge at Hausman Road.  The project is in fabrication and installation is scheduled for early spring 2016.

District 2 Branch Library: Cakky Brawley's final design has been approved and will be located at the new District 2 Branch Library that will be located at Highway 87 and Foster Road.  The project is in fabrication and installation is scheduled for fall 2016.  

Lackland Corridor Gateway: George Schroedar’s final design has been approved and will be located at the corner of SW Military Drive and US Highway 90.  The project is in fabrication. 

Pearsall Park: Buster Simpson's outdoor shelters and benches are in fabrication for the Pearsall Park Master Plan in District 4.  Installation completion is scheduled for early spring 2016. 

Convention Center Expansion (East Facade Wall): Christian Moeller is installing a large-scale mural that depicts an endless field of native cactus.  The artwork is comprised of long horizontal band of chain link metal mesh dappled with over 100,000 white vinyl dots that hover over a backdrop of green panels.  Installation completion is scheduled for January 2016.  

Convention Center Expansion (North Entry Atrium): Jason Bruges Studio of London will begin installation of a 30 foot tall interactive light-based sculpture for the North Entry atrium lobby of the convention center.  The sculpture is in the shape of a massive tower sheather with an undulating series of LCD panels that reflect light to varying degrees, creating a shimmering waterfall effect.  Installation completion is scheduled for January 2016.

To view our list of completed projects view our Public Art Map


Love Poems to San Antonio:  A new signature initiative by San Antonio's Poet Laureate, Lauri Ann Guerrero.  This exhibit will be open February 4 - February 26, 2016 and will be accessible during Culture Commons normal business hours.  An opening reception and reading will be held on February 4, 2016 at 6 pm in the Culture Commons Exhibit Hall located at 115 Plaza de Armas .

Creative Place-Keeping Series: Plaza de Armas:  A new series that explores how art, culture and history play a synonymous role when informing the evolution or transformation of an urban place with deep historical roots such as Plaza de Armas (Military Plaza).  This exhibit will be open November 2015 - January 2016 and will be accesible during Culture Commons normal business hours.  Featured artists include Thomas Cummins, Jenelle Esparza, Timothy Lefkowitz and Mark Menjivar.

RESYMBOL:  RESYMBOL explores the creative use and placement of artist-designed symbols within San Antonio's urban downtown environment.  The local artists featured include Ricky Armendariz, Waddy Armstrong, Elizabeth Carrington, Paula Cox, Michael Menchaca, Ethel Shipton, Robert Tatum and Luis Vega Trevino.  The artwork featuring these symbols is thoughtfully integrated into the cityscape in multiple locations downtown and along VIA's E-Route.  RESYMBOL was made possible through a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

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