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Additional Directions: Pearsall Park

Midden Mound Wickiups

Artist: Buster Simpson
Category: categoryParks
Details: outdoor sculpture, steel-structural, mesh
Dimensions: Wikiup Encampment 13' tall and 52' wide, Wickup Overlook 13' tall and 26' wide
Date completed: 2016

Wickiup refers to a primitive domed structure historically associated with Native Americans of the Southwest - temporary strong domed dwellings made of bent green branches, hides, and thatch. Simpson's modern take on a Wickiup includes two sites, three metal domes, metal mesh, and geometric benches providing shade and a place to rest that honors the historical presence of indigenous peoples and their light footprint on the land. The pair is called Wickiup Encampment and the Singular is Wickiup Overlook; both are visible from Pearsall Park and draw visitors to explore the distant amenities. Upon arrival at each installation site, visitors are rewarded with a place for respite and views over looking Lackland Air Force Base, the meandering Leon Creek, pastoral and native landscapes, suburban villages and, in the distance, downtown San Antonio.  

Fabricators: George Schroeder, Metalmorphosis LLC and CCC Group Inc., San Antonio, Texas; Cold Spring Quarry, Marble Falls, Texas; San Jacinto Materials Inc. and Krisch Construction Company; and Connexa Energy, Comfort, Texas.

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