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1101 Iowa Street

Additional Directions: Pittman Sullivan Park

Open Hand, Open Mind, Open Heart

Artist: Douglas Kornfeld
Details: outdoor sculpture, steel, None
Date completed: 2015
Douglas Kornfeld's Open Hand, Open Mind, Open Heart was inspired by the non-violent teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., and the artist's visit to San Antonio's 2014 MLK, Jr. March where the artist immersed himself into the community to develop his design. A 32-foot tall perforated steel hand, with 2 steel tube rings in the palm and at the base, silhouettes the downtown San Antonio skyline at Pittman-Sullivan Park. The bold, orange sculpture is both a marker for the Eastside Park, as well as a signifier for the annual MLK Jr. March.  The open hand symbolizes a gesture of non-violence, which is reinforced by the open ring in the center of the palm. The high polished ring at the base of the arm encourages visitors to touch, step through, and see their reflection. This action symbolically connects the visitor to the sculpture and the non-violent philosophy of MLK, Jr.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018