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22635 Wilderness Oaks

Additional Directions: Panther Springs Park
Located in the roundabout of the trail-head

Sotol Duet

Artist: Jon Isherwood
Details: sculpture (visual work), granite, None
Dimensions: red granite: 7', grey granite: 4.25'
Date completed: 2015

Jon Isherwood's Sotol Duet is a pair of carved granite sculptures that have been installed in the roundabout located at the trail-head of Panther Springs Park in District 9. Inspired by the environment within the park and the abundance of natural pink limestone beneath, the artwork is made of red and grey granite referencing the native sotol plant. The red granite sculpture sit 7 feet high and emulates the plant above ground. The shorter grey sculpture is inspired by the earthly root of the sotol pant below ground. Presented as a pair, each sculpture compliments the other; while the red granite sculpture is more structured in form and pattern, the gray granite take on an organic and hand molded feel with gentle folds, pushed and pulled by the artist. The artist's intention of the sculptures is to "provide a place for reflection, consideration and inspiration." These form-driven stone sculptures are smooth and tactile inviting visitors to touch and explore.

Jon Isherwood, a new York based artist, was commissioned by Public Art San Antonio (PASA) to create an original piece of public art for the 2012-2017 Bond Panther Springs Park Project.

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