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Public Artwork


543-549 McCullough Ave

Additional Directions: McCullough Avenue Bridge

Puente de Encuentros (Bridge of Encounters)

Artist: Rolando Briseño
Category: categoryRiver
Details: sculpture (visual work), steel, None
Date completed: 2012
Rolando Briseno’s McCullough Avenue project creates elevated sculptural forms that celebrate the river and communicate to those at street level that something special is happening in this area. This artwork transforms an ordinary sidewalk into a scenic overlook and creates inviting and visually dynamic shade at mid-day. With references to waving hands, waving water and our shared human desire to reach out and connect with others, Briseno’s shade-sculpture responds to the spirit of friendliness found throughout our city and along our river. With the title Puente de Los Encuentros or ‘Bridge of Encounters,’ this artwork takes inspiration from our daily encounters with the many people and places here in downtown San Antonio.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018