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1272 Camden Street

Additional Directions: Museum Reach - Camden St. Bridge

River Origin and Movements #2

Artist: George Schroeder
Category: categoryRiver
Details: None, steel, metal
Dimensions: 2 x 120' by 3' 6"
Date completed: 2009
Abstract interpretations of the inspiring visual imagery of the river below become fluid lines of forged steel in the hands of artist, George Schroeder. Schroeder CNC-cut and then manually heated, twisted, hammered and shaped thousands of strips of steel as a series of dynamic interpretations of the forms of aquatic plants, moving water and dappled, reflecting light that can be experienced along the San Antonio River. Creating unique works on both the Camden and Newell bridges, Schroeder’s street-level rail and screen projects have become bookends for the Grotto area and capture the beautiful complexity of our natural world.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018