Film Commission

Production Incentives (SSAI)

Texas Incentive Provides Dollars to Production Companies

In San Antonio, the Texas incentive program is 22.5% cash grant based on in-state spending on feature film projects with at least $3.5M in Texas spending. Projects can qualify with as little as $250,000 in state spending, at 7.5%*, and 12.5%* for projects $1M - $3.5M. There is no longer a wage-only option.

Some productions may also qualify for the Supplemental San Antonio Incentive (SSAI) with up to 2.5% of Texas spending (caps apply). Please contact the San Antonio Film Commission at (210) 207-6730 for information about the SSAI, and read the guidelines here.

Add this the fantastic people and locations, and the existing Sales Tax Exemptions for qualifying purchases, and shooting in San Antonio is smarter than ever.

The Texas Film Commission has details regarding the incentive program available here.


Texas also offers:
Up-front Sales Tax Exemptions on most items rented or purchased for direct use in production
Refunds of the 6% State Occupancy Tax on hotel rooms occupied for more than 30 consecutive days
Refunds on Fuel Tax paid on fuel used off-road.

* underutilized area bonus of 2.5% (this includes San Antonio)

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