Film Commission

Grants & Competitions

In addition to state and city production incentives, the San Antonio Film Commission offers a variety of competitions and grants for local filmmakers.

Local Filmmakers Grant

The Local Filmmakers Grant, launched 2012, is a competitive grant with an application process. The program supports local filmmakers who have at least $25,000 in funding commitments in place and have a feature-length motion picture in the pre-production stage.

Guidelines are now available. Download them HERE.  This year's application deadline was September 15, 2015. Visit our Facebook page to see more images from previous winners.

Two Local Filmmakers Grants have been awarded, the first resulted in “My Dog The Champion” (, now available worldwide, and “Stage V” ( now in post production.

Neighborhood Film Project

The Neighborhood Film Project (NFP) is an annual competition in which filmmakers are invited to submit original films, three to seven minutes in length, highlighting the Eastside, Southside, Westside, and Northside of San Antonio. Our last screening was Wednesday, July 22nd, at the historic Guadalupe Theater and was presented by the Rivard Report City Block Cinema. Get the details at Neighborhood Film

An additional category, "My Favorite Spot," allows filmmakers to choose the Spanish Governor's Palace, Market Square, or La Villita to make a 30-second commercial spot.

Films in first, second, and third place receive cash prizes. A committee of industry professionals including artists, screenwriters, and other filmmakers judge the entries. In the "My Favorite Spot" category, only one prize is awarded for the highest scoring film.

Filmmakers must first register to participate. Once registered, they may choose their neighborhood and make their films. For "My Favorite Spot," filmmakers may choose up to two of the three venues.

Download guidelines and forms

San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience

sa48hr Film Experience

Took place the weekend of January 8-10, 2016 with the screening/awards ceremony on Thursday, January 14. Congratulations to the winning team, Plaid Sun, and their film, Second Sun!

The San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience is a local filmmaking challenge event where teams of filmmakers are given specific criteria to incorporate into a film, and then have 48 hours to write, produce, edit, score, and master the final film.

The sa48hr Film Experience is unique in that most other film challenges do not assign specific locations for each film. Locations are assigned from a general list, such as "deserted highway," "historic neighborhood," "public art," or other location styles that show off what great locations are available in San Antonio.

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