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Permit FAQ

What is "description of project"?

This is a general overview of your project - you will have an opportunity to describe your camera setup, lighting, and parking needs in the text area for the specific park/s.

Sample: We are a local production company and will be filming a commercial for a local car dealer, utilizing two picture vehicles that will be parked. We will be using two on-camera talent who will deliver lines and walk between the cars as we shoot.

What is ENG-style production?

ENG (Electronic New Gathering) shoots generally consist of a camera person, one sound person, and a producer. We use ENG to refer to small productions that will not need to re-route pedestrians or traffic and that are extremely flexible with minimal equipment.

Does your production contain "scripted" content?

This question helps us understand the style and scope of your production. Do you have a script that actors will be delivering lines from, or will you have talent in front of the camera speaking extemporaneously or interviewing people?

Is project considered "promotional" in nature?

We love to have our City seen around the world in commercials, travel programs, and any type of production that lets the viewer identify in a positive way, the setting of the production as being in San Antonio. Will your production do this?

What is "general liability"?

General liability is generally required of productions shooting in the city. Most production companies have an annual production insurance policy that will allow them to list the CITY OF SAN ANTONIO as an additionally insured party. You may send the proof of liability insurance to our offices ($1M General Liability minimum) at 115 Plaza de Armas, Suite 102, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Sample of production description:

Our production will have one (1) 10-ton grip truck, (1) camera truck, (2) wardrobe/makeup trailers, (1) stake bed truck, and approximately (3) cargo vans. We will be utilizing a dolly track on the location, but only on the paved areas. We will be parking all other vehicles in a private lot approximately one block south of the park. Our crew will be assisted by off-duty police officers on motorcycle (3) for ITC (intermittent traffic control) along the main park road.

Mailing address:

San Antonio Film Commission
115 Plaza de Armas, Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78205

You will get from us:

You will be emailed a .PDF file of your approved permit. 

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