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Artist Re-granting

The Artist Re-Granting Program is intended to fund eligible arts organizations in San Antonio that give financial support to local professional artists for the purpose of advancing their professional development through the creation of new works. Eligible organizations include those that support artists' works in any or all artistic genres including but not limited to areas of visual, performance, multimedia, literary, interdisciplinary, placemaking, etc.

FISCAL YEAR 2016 Arts Funding Application

The Department for Culture and Creative Development will host workshops for prospective applicants to learn more about the upcoming FY16 Artist Re-Granting Application. The application will be available online soon (Date TBA).

* All applicants are required to attend one of the informational workshops.

To RSVP for the workshops call Juan Hernandez at 210.207.6964 or email

Workshop Schedule

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Organizations interested in applying must:

  • submit a complete application online on or before the deadline.
  • be a San Antonio-based nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax status at the time of the application with a primary mission of providing grants to professional artists, specifically professional artists in San Antonio.
  • have a physical address within the City of San Antonio and have been in existence a minimum of three years.
  • have clear funding procedures with a fair and equitable review and selection process.
  • submit a copy of their previous year’s IRS 990 form.


  • Organizations that receive Core Program grants from DCCD are not eligible.
  • Organizations may not submit an application through a fiscal sponsor.
  • Awards cannot be made to artists not having a permanent residence (minimum of 6 months) within San Antonio city limits.
  • DCCD will not consider multiple requests from the same organization.
  • DCCD will not grant funds that are re-granted to artists for religious or political purpose or are for or against a political candidate, ballot measure or bill.
  • Artist’s projects or works used primarily for fundraising are ineligible.

Award Amounts

Funding under this program will be limited to a maximum of $30,000 per eligible organization, not to exceed 50% of the organization’s prior year expense budget as evidenced by the organization’s most recent IRS Form 990.

Funding must be used to re-grant to San Antonio professional artists for expenses related to the creation of new works and said work must be publicly displayed/performed in San Antonio. An organization may utilize up to 10% of the grant dollars from DCCD for administrative purposes in overseeing the grant funding and compliance.

DCCD staff and Cultural Arts Board (CAB) will review the request(s) and approve all final funding recommendations, considering dollars available.

Application Guidelines

Applications must include the following:

  • Amount of request and associated total budget for the project.
  • Brief description of organization including policies and procedures for selection and evaluation of artists.
  • Samples illustrating the work of artists who received awards in the past and the type of projects supported.
  • The time frame for selecting artists and expected project outcomes (All applicants will be required to submit a report at the completion of their project detailing the artists selected and their project outcomes).
  • Additional support material(s) that may substantiate the request.

Review Criteria

  • Commitment to supporting artists that reflect the diversity of the community.
  • Proven track record of implementing an open, fair and equitable funding process.
  • Proven commitment to high artistic standards and the professional growth of local artists.
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